Elixir 4

Heal, Protect and Nourish the Skin with Nature's Oils and Herbs

The environment we live in is filled with toxins, stress and food that is full of pesticides and antibiotics. It's time we looked after our skin - not with the latest and greatest scientific discovery, but with natures oils and herbs that have the synergy to heal, nourish and protect the skin.

4 Ingredients For Skin Youth

Have you ever noticed the latest cream or serum touting the latest extract or active ingredient, only to find that the ingredient is listed right at the end of the ingredients list? Right after a big bunch of chemical names that you can't even pronounce! Ingredients are listed on cosmetics in the order of greatest volume to least volume within the product mixture. That amazing ingredient that appears at the end of the list is only included in the smallest proportion compared to the marketing hype and remaining ingredients of the product. Are you really getting what you are paying for?

Elixir 4 uses just 4 ingredients. Yes, 4. This means your skin gets the maximum amount of ingredients for full nourishing effect. Discover Elixir 4 for yourself and see the powerful difference of targeted natural ingredients for your skin. Your skin will love you and you will love your new skin!

Start your new skin journey today with Elixir 4 and enjoy the results of youthful, healthy, glowing skin!

Elixir 4 Anti-Ageing Serum 30mL